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Backyard Heirloom Garden Sampler (15 varieties)

beefsteak sampler

This sampler is an excellent gift for your family gardener! 15 varieties of quality heirloom, non-GMO vegetable and herb seeds, each individually packed. Includes 1 package of each of the following: Bunching Onions (50 seeds), Oakleaf Lettuce...

  • Price: $24.99

Pea - Early Alaska (30 seeds)

Alaska (30 seeds)

1880 - This variety was named after a steamship that held the Transatlantic speed record back in the 1800's. Three feet tall plants produce loads of 2-3 inch pods that have several small green peas. Good flavor for canning and soups.

  • Price: $2.95

Pea - Laxton's Progress No. 9 (40 seeds)

Alaska (30 seeds)

An excellent heirloom variety for the home garden.  Loads of 4-5 inch pods full of sweet tender peas.  65 days

  • Price: $2.95

Pea - Green Arrow (30 seeds)

Green Arrow (30 seeds)

Long pods of 6-7 peas with a great sweet flavor. Sturdy plants produce heavy yields ofdelicious peas that are highly prized in Europe.  68 days

  • Price: $2.95

Pea - Lincoln (50 seeds)

Lincoln (50 seeds)

These sweet little peas withstand heat and wilt very well.  High yields of 6-9 peas per pod.  Excellent for family gardens.  Great for freezing. 65 days

  • Price: $2.95

Pea - Little Marvel (50 seeds)

Little Marvel (50 seeds)

1908 - Thick dwarf bushes produce a good crop of 3-4 inch pods with dark green peas. Wilt resistant and great for freezing.  62 days

  • Price: $2.95

Pea - Thomas Laxton (50 seeds)

Thomas Laxton (50 seeds)

From 1900 - Named after a famous Pea breeder. Three foot plants produce heavy crops of 4-5 long pods with 7-9 peas in each! Reliable and super sweet!!Good wilt resistance.  55-60 days

  • Price: $2.95

Pea - Wando (40 seeds)

Wando (50 seeds)

Two foot tall plants have bush habit and do not require a trellis. Plants bear loads of  3” long pods with 7-9 dark green peas each. Excellent for home gardens!  60 days

  • Price: $2.95