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Black Zebra Tomato (20-25 seeds)

Black Brandywine

Stunning!  This wonderful variety has lots of medium sized, dark red-black tomatoes with green/red stripes.  Deliciious, and beautiful when sliced.  70 days

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Georgia Streak Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)


A beautiful bi-color beefsteak.  Fruits are golden yellow with blush streaks.  As delicious as they are pretty.  90 days, Indet.

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Speckled Roman Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)


Heavy yields of 4-5" long tomatoes that are reddish-ornage with yellow stripes.  This is a unique paste variety.  Indet., 85 days

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Striped German Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)

Hawaiian Currant

This variety produces good yields of large fruits that are orange-yellow with pink stripes. Mottled color continues in flesh. Dense fruit with sweet flavor. We were still picking these into October here in Ohio. 80 days, Indeterminate

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Bi-Color Heirloom Tomato Sampler - 7 Varieties (8-10 seeds each)

Black Early Heirloom Tomato

Fill your garden with this collection of beautiful bi-colored heirloom tomatoes! Each variety has striped or mottling in two or more colors, making them a stunning addition to your backyard garden. This sampler includes 8-10 seeds of each of the...

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Big Rainbow Tomato (20-25 seeds)

Big Rainbow

High yield of large bi-color beefsteak fruit. Yellow/pink/red marbling…beautiful sliced. Mild flavor. Indet., 95 days. 

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Candystripe Tomato (20-25 seeds)


1-2 lb. yellow/blush fruit. High yields with great sweet flavor. 85 days. YELLOW

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Hillbilly Tomato (20-25 seeds)


You'll want to try this just for the name...originally from the hills of West Virginia.  These outstanding 12-24 oz. fruits are reddish orange with streaks of red and pink.  78 days

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Mr. Stripey Tomato (20-25 seeds)

Mr. Stripey

Good yields of red and yellow striped fruits that are low in acid...great as a fresh slicer. Beautiful and delicious! 75 days, Indet.

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Oaxacan Jewel Tomato (20 - 25 seeds)

Oaxacan Jewel Tomato (20 - 25 seeds)

This is a bi-color tomato with a mild flavor. Medium to large reddish fruits have some yellow/orange and are slightly ribbed.  80 days.  indet. 78 days

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Old German Tomato (20-25 seeds)

Old German

Great slicing tomato with reddish-yellow fruits weighing up to 2 pounds.  This heirloom has a Mennonite origin in Virginia. Red and Yellow

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Red Zebra Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)

Red Zebra

Similar to its green cousin, fruits are beautiful with red and yellow stripes. Very productive vines produce a good quantity of 3-5 oz. fruit that make for a great dish when mixed with Green Zebra. 75 days

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Smeig Craig Tomato (20-25 seeds)

Smeig Craig

A striped red and yellow tomato similar in appearance to Green Zebra but red. Plants produce an average set of 4-6 oz. Fruits. Red

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 Bi-color heirloom tomato seeds will produce fruits with stunning color and that great heirloom flavor!