These varieties of heirloom tomatoes are limited in the size that the plants will grow.  Most are the size of a small bush (2'-2.5' or less)....perfect for containers or small gardens.  They will set all of their fruit at once.

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Abe Lincoln Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)


Clusters of meaty, 8-10 oz. fruits on bush type plants.  One of the best tasting tomatoes we have.  Det., 80 days

  • Price: $2.95

Burbank Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)


Medium sized red fruit. Heavy yields with great flavor. Bush type plants are great for limited space.  Determinate, 80 days. RED

  • Price: $2.95

Glacier Tomato (20-25 seeds) SOLD OUT

Black Zebra

Very early variety has 2.5" red fruits that are quite sweet.   Determinate, 58 days.

  • Price: $2.95

Cream Sausage Tomato (20-25 seeds)

Cream Sausage

A very mild paste tomato with an ivory cream color, turning a straw color when fully ripe.

  • Price: $2.95

Dwarf Gem Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)

Dwarf Gem

Small orange-red cherry tomatoes have a sweet flavor and grow on a small bush type plant. High yields. Determinate, 65 days. RED

  • Price: $2.95

Early Annie Tomato - (20-25 Seeds) SOLD OUT

Early Annie

This plant produces many perfect 3" round, red tomatoes with great flavor. This is one of the best tasting early varieties. Bush type plant does well in small spaces. Determinate, 60 days RED

  • Price: $2.95

Fargo Tomato (20-25 seeds)


Abundant yield of 2" yellow grape tomatoes with a tart flavor. this variety is very similar to yellow pear, but the ploant is much smaller.  Determinate, 68 days. 

  • Price: $2.95

Kewalo Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)


Clusters of 3" fruits resist cracking and wilt. Very sweet flavor, and very good yields. From Hawaii. Vines are bush-type...excellent for small gardens or containers.  Determinate, 80 days. RED

  • Price: $2.95

New Big Dwarf Tomato - (20-25 Seeds) SOLD OUT

New Big Dwarf

A medium sized smooth round red tomato originally offered by Burpee in the late 1800's. Resists cracking.  Compact plants are great for limited space.  Determinate, 65 days

  • Price: $2.95

Tiny Tim Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)

Tiny Tim

This is the smallest tomato plant we offer...a mere 7-9" tall when grown in a flower pot, about 12" tall when grown in the filed. Produces clusters of small red cherry tomatoes.  Works well in containers.  Determinate, 50 days

  • Price: $2.95